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Our Management Team
So you want to know more of Pro-Vend and Chesterfield Coffee and Tea?

Our Team


who we are and how we have helped local businesses'

Pro-Vend’s management team each have at least 15 years experience some as much at 40 years in the industry.   It’s that background that has helped to form the foundation of the company.


Our top managers have between 20 and 40 years with Wonderbread and Hostess Cake.  Other managers started with Coca-Cola and then helped to start Pro-Vend back in 1988.  Everyone in management  works together to keep our company focused on one thing,  the customer.  We all get it.  It’s that simple.  We’re selling snacks, beverages, food and coffee and we need to sell lots of it. The only way a company in our business will be successful is to have happy customers, one at a time. They give us great references and referrals all the time.   We’re told over and over that the difference between our company and some others is that we try very hard to keep our promises and we communicate with them.  Our customers are busy conducting their business, whatever it may be.  They don’t have time to deal with continuous problems with vending, coffee, water filtration, etc.   We want to be their one-stop, full-service company and let us take care of them. 


That’s our goal and we start each day with that in mind.